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The Wine Estate

Packwood is a small boutique wine estate in Harkerville – equidistant from Plettenberg Bay and Knysna, set within family Gent’s working country estate it is ideal for those who like to get off the beaten track, adventure to the unknown to sip and savour unique wines in beautiful and relaxed surroundings.

Fueled by passion or possibly madness, Vicky encouraged Pete to plant a vineyard and in 2006 they produced their first wines – Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. The vines are on a gently rolling hill 330 meters above sea level at the highest point of the farm, facing the sun and the sea.

The meso climate provided a challenging and exciting location to plant the cool climate cultivars and by 2006 only the second vineyard in the area.

Packwood wines have been recognised since 2009, Vicky began with viticulture and then moved into winemaking in 2013 – 2018 with the relentless support of her husband Pete and the Packwood team.  The wines were soon recognised and awarded, in 2018 Sollie Packwood’s  new winemaker was appointed, to expand the range and broaden the horizons, fresh ideas and experience from working in South Africa, New Zealand and California with cool climate cultivars.  Great care is taken in the vineyard and more broadly across the whole farm with sustainable farming practices. Rain water harvesting to allow the entire spraying season to be completed without turning on a tap, we use organic fertilisers and mulch the prunings at the end of winter, cover crops to stop erosion and help put organics back into the ground.  With a wealth of farming knowledge over 5 generations, from growing cereals, rearing outdoor pigs, dairy and now wine has taught us patience really is a virtue.  We hope you enjoy the fruits of our hard labour.

The farm like many hidden gems is off the beaten track on the road less traveled only 6 kilometers from the N2.

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